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A Trip to Belfast Zoo

Situated in the outskirts of Belfast City, this zoo is home to more than 1200 animals, a high number of which are endangered in their natural habitat. From a photography point of view their are plenty of opportunities to net some great images with some of the enclosures having elevated viewpoints (e.g Giraffes) to give an eye-level view of the animals. The only downside of visiting the zoo at this time of year is the low position of the sun coupled with the fact that the place is situated at the foot of cliffs (Cave Hill) which resulted in alot of shadows and low-light situations. I found myself shooting at ISO’s of 800 and 1600 most of the time (using an EOS 450d which has a maximum ISO of 1600) and even with the use of a monopod i still ended up with a lot of unusable shots. The next time i visit it will definately be during the summer months when the sun is higher in the sky and ambient light levels are much better. Although hopefully by then i will have upgraded to a better camera body with improved ISO ability. Below are the images which i feel are the best of the day.

~ Scott

Zebras B&W


Ring-Tailed Lemur



Pelican Pair




Grey Heron

East African Crowned Crane